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Our connection began in 2019 and in the beginning half of 2022 our paths brought our bodies together in the heart chakra of Egypt, the beautiful Luxor. In ancient times this place was known as Thebes, the place that truly was the beating heart of ancient Egypts wealth and power!


Our connection grew as we began to realise the depth of our shared experiences and our individual experiences. We realised that there is something incredibly special about this land. The potency of the energy of both the Nile and its lush banks, the desert and the
Valley of the Kings is undeniable.

We felt into a shared desire to help others experience the deeply transformational and heart opening energies of this land. We soon realised that we were being called into creating The Amenti Rebirth Retreat, which from the moment of conception has flowed effortlessly as it meandered through our minds into the realm of becoming the fully formed entity that we have now birthed into reality. 

Our first Amenti Rebirth Retreat for women was a phenomenal success!


The process of its creation feels bigger than us.

Divinely guided and seasoned with magic and mystery, we are full of pride at its creation and yet eternally humbled and truly unable to take credit for that which the unseen has channelled through us.

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During the days after our first retreat we received the calling to allow life to create through us once again! This time the call was to provide the space for the Divine Masculine to rise within the Men... we are excited to now offer a retreat for you dear men! The Nefertum Rising Retreat ... a truly unique offering that will potently transform those that are ready...


We hope you join us in this journey of mystery and transformation! Check out 

The Amenti Rebirth Retreat for women


Nefertum Rising Retreat page for men,


and let us know if you felt that unmistakable spark of intuition, that intrigue, that sense that there is something for you here to explore! 

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