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We Are Expanding!

Our visions for our retreat offerings are growing and as a result we are looking for people that would be interested in teaming up with us as affiliates to assist us in expanding our reach!

What is an Affiliate and how does this work? 

An affiliate is someone or an organisation that we partner with who will assist us in sharing our retreats and potentially other offerings to their networks in exchange for a financial reward from us when someone from their network books.

For example… if you were to share about our upcoming Amenti Rebirth Retreat with your network and someone that is referred through you chooses to book, you will be paid a £170 Sterling or 200 Euros commission fee!

We do have some criteria that we require of anyone wishing to become an affiliate as we are very focused on quality and integrity in regard to how we market our offerings.

Therefore we are asking that people interested in working with us as affiliates please apply by email to us with details of their social media handles and addresses for our perusal and if we feel you are a good fit we will be in touch with more information! 

Please note it is not simply the size of network that we are looking at but also how well your audience aligns with our ideal client and quality of what you share. 

We are so excited to be expanding and look forward to receiving your applications.

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