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The Discovery Workshop Series


Workshops to be held at the following dates & times

13th, 20th, 27th July & 3rd August 2022 

Any dates you are unable to attend live? No worries we've got you covered with recordings upon request!

7.00 PM UK time / 8.00 PM Amsterdam Time

Live ZOOM meetings of 90 minutes each.


The workshops are open to Men and Women who feel a curiosity to explore Ancient Egyptian Mystery Arts! 


This is a complete 4 workshops course. The price is the total for ALL workshops not each. Women in attendance receive the additional benefit of being able to book on to The Amenti Rebirth Retreat for the EARLYBIRD PRICE right up to the end of the booking period! Men in attendance can pass on this early bird savings offer to any woman that they know that may be interested in our retreat! 

59 EUROS // £50 GBP

Do you feel a deep resonance and connection to Ancient Egypt? This deep sensing is for a reason!

There are secrets for you to unravel and lessons to help you grow further on your path.
Ancient Egyptian Mysteries teach us about Self Mastery and Inner Alchemy. 

Are you curious to find out how this ancient culture can assist you in your present day life?

Would you like to receive inspiring teachings, as well as insights and practices that can support you and bring you deeper self-knowledge, clarity, confidence and empowerment? 

Join us in this 4 weeks discovery series! 

In these 4 online workshops we will take you on a journey to taste and experience the different teachings, mysteries and self mastery techniques of Ancient Egypt. 

This is also perfect if you feel curious about our upcoming retreat and would like to get to know us and get a taste of what this retreat will be about! 

In this 4 weeks we will take you through 4 layers:


1. INITIATION - 13.7.2022

We start the journey with the Goddess of Godesses, Isis (Aset, Auset). She is the female archetype of creation, Goddess of motherhood, womanhood, fertility, magic and healing, her name means ‘’Queen of the Throne’’.

She will take us through the Egyptian Creation Story and teach us about what Rebirth, Inner Alchemy and Self Mastery truly means, and how we can implement that in our lives.

2. IMMERSION - 20.7.2022

Today we meet the Goddess Sekhmet and Hathor. The Warrioress Lion Goddess - she is fiery and protective, the warrior for the Path of the Heart. She teaches us commitment, fierceness and strength.
Alongside this fiery power we will also work with Goddess Hathor, also referred to as the ‘’Adolescent, wisened version of Sekhment’’ with a tamed, calm and healing energy.
Both these energies are important to master within ourselves.

3. DEEPENING - 27.07.2022

With the wisdom, intuition and clarity of Isis, the fierceness of Sekhmet, the crystal clear healing and unconditionally loving energy of Hathor, we are ready to deepen and descend into the depths of our psyche. Amentet, ‘She of the West’, welcomes us at the gates of The Halls of Amenti and guides us in a transformative journey of rebirth. Teaching us we are never alone no matter how dark it gets, reminding us that when we make the journey through the underworld, we will come out on the other side transformed and reborn stronger than before. 

4. MASTERY - 03.8.2022

On the other side of The Halls of Amenti, we will be welcomed by Toth - the God of wisdom, writing and magic. He will guide us into the integration of all the received gifts and insights, all the lessons learned and all the energy received. He will help us rewrite our story into the one that feels more aligned to your soul’s path, releasing the narratives that are not supportive of your Highest Good and that of the whole! 

If you would like to chat to us about these workshops and/or book your place, please email us at


Louisa & Francis

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