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 Relax. Reset. Realize. Rise

Al Baeirat is a unique, peaceful hidden gem, on the edge of the West Bank of Luxor's Nile in a picturesque village.

You will be surrounded by green fields, banana plantations, palm trees, the Nile river and vibrant plants and flowers. 

At Al Baeirat the management has a passion for gardening which creates the sense of being in a haven with roses and plants welcome you with their bountiful abundance. Little hidden corners in the gardens are available whenever you feel the need to pull back and recharge in between the flowers with a book or the songs of the birds. 

The hotel has a peaceful, harmonious vibe and feels like its own little village for us to experience a sense of community, safety and belonging.

The cabins are designed in a simple traditional style and  are well cared for and beautifully decorated with handmade paintings on the walls, which gives you a beautiful home-like feel.

The cabins can either be occupied by 2 persons as well as privately. 

Al Baeirat also offers a big sacred space called ''Sekhmet Sanctuary'' for our meditations, ceremonies and sacred practices. 
Sekhmet is the Ancient Egyptian Lioness healer goddess, she represents our inner fire and she will be present supporting our transformational inner work during our time together. 

The pool that the hotel offers overlooks the Nile River, which is accessible from the withing the hotel grounds. Relax and recharge at the pool area, take a stroll along the Nile riverside or have your own meditation moment gazing into the waters of this sacred river.

A private boat can take you across the river to the East Side of Luxor where you can visit the Souk, Luxor temple, Luxor museum and more. 

Rest and soak up the sunshine, or cleanse yourself in the fresh waters of the pool. Enjoy the moment, the spectacular view over the Nile and the palm trees and beautiful skies of Egypt whilst being in the warm embrace of our retreat container. 



Available as shared or private options

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-19 at 9.45.06 PM.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2023-05-19 at 9.45.05 PM.jpeg

About Our Award Winning Chef

We are very excited about our Chef! Hani has been awarded as ''Best Chef of Luxor'' multiple times in recognition of his culinary talents by The Ministry of Tourism! The food for the duration of your stay is all highly nutritious, vegan & vegetarian meals, including juices, smoothies and fruit platters to refresh us.
The wholesome foods will support your transformational journey and assist as we clear and clean up our body, mind and soul! 

You will be feeling reset, refreshed and rejuvenated by the end of your time with us! 

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