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Align to your true desires

1 1 january 2024 - 7PM GMT / 8PM CET



To ignite your desires, clarify your visions and fire up your soul!


Are you ready to expand into the new year

powered up by your own life force?

 Learn the fundamentals of SELF MASTERY so that you can ALIGN your steps with your visions for 2024


⋆ Get CLEAR and ALIGNED with your deepest, soul aligned desires 

 Move OUT OF STAGNATION and into feeling activated & inspired

 Learn how to open and use the potency & power of your LIFE FORCE ENERGY

 Get clear on WHO is running the show? Your conditioned mind or your true self!

Join us for a FREE, inspiring and uplifting masterclass to ignite your visions for 2024!

I g N I T E  2 0 2 4

Learn the secrets of Self Mastery

and kick start your new year with inspiration, passion and pleasure!

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Hi, We are Louisa & Sophia

W H A T  W E  L O V E,

is guiding people into the realization and remembrance of who they truly are

and the potential that lives inside of them. 
Inside of all of us. 

Walking the path of our hearts has been an ever unfolding, mindblowing journey that led us to the most unimaginabe experiences in our lives

and we want you to experience what life has in store for you beyond your wildest dreams too!

Together we have created the Amenti Rebirth Retreat and the Light of Horus Retreat

Two deeply transformational programs in the heart of Egypt: Luxor. 

Today, we want to invite you into this free masterclass: 
IGNITE 2024.

Join us and become the master of your reality!

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