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Retreat Host

A beautiful welcome to all whose intrigue & intuition has led them here.  I wholeheartedly look forward to hosting you at one of our workshops, events or Retreats!

I pondered on how I could effectively give you a true insight into who I am in this very little space. As now is truly all we have, I share with you what feels relevant to the woman I am today. 

I am first and foremost a Mother of two incredible boys ages 17 & 11... and yes I'm still in utter shock that I have a 17 year old! My life thus far has been a beautiful adventure and I attribute the richness of this life's experiences as being the bringer of much wisdom. I believe that our shared stories of the mystical and the mundane are vital as we all walk each other home.

I live for intimacy which is what draws me back again and again to supporting others through their spiritual awakening processes. I am a sensual woman. I am a woman who will open to love over and over again to enjoy the pleasure and sweet nectar of sacred union.

Love is the medicine that I emanate. I am love. I know that you are also love. It is in this love that all the magic happens, where true transformation finds its beginning and its ending.

There is so much I could share and I know we will share more someday, somehow, but for now I will complete this introduction by telling you that I have been deeply captivated by the lands of Egypt and its spiritual history since I was a child. Eventually the call could be no longer ignored and I took the leap, sold my home and travelled to be in her embrace. What unfolded for me during the 5 month journey in Egypt was both miraculous, mystical and deeply affirming.

The message was clear, that it was time for me along with dear Sophia to initiate others into the mystery and magic. In addition to all the teachings I have embodied in the University of Life, I am also a qualified Medical Intuitive, Reiki Master, Mindfulness & Meditation teacher, Spiritual Coach and Mentor. More recently I have been called in to working with Sacred Oils for the purpose of supporting the souls journey. This is one of the skills of my past incarnations that reawakened in me during a visit to Dendara Temple, one we visit during our retreat! 

My favourite pastimes are to dive into learning more about Shaiva Tantra, Advaita Vedanta, Egyptian Magic, Ritual, Ceremony, and occasionally a Marvel movie on Netflix! See you soon sweet souls! xx


Retreat Host

It's hard to put an ever evolving being in a few sentences, but I would love to share some words on my life, and of what is of importance and alive to me.
I have been walking this earth for soon 34 years.

My heart and feet have brought me to many lands and countries.

I grew up in Italy by Dutch parents, dancing between crops on organic farmlands that my parents were working as organic farmers. I moved to the Netherlands at the age of 11.

My calling was always clear although I didn't see that yet but I always felt:

'I want to help and work with people'.

At age 18 I studied Dramatherapy, which taught me mostly a lot about myself and the way I want to connect and ''work'' with people.
I also learned here, that I wasn't made to work in 'the system' and the common used systematic and in my experience ''box thinking'' methods. Everyone is unique and I knew that in my work, I will connect with and approach every individual in that way.

After finishing my studies at 23 I felt I needed life experience before becoming a therapist, which brought me to traveling the world. Here, my path took me around Europe, Asia and Australia.
I've immersed myself in different personal development modalities since then:
Yoga, Massage, Energy healing, Tantra, Shamanism, Sacred Sexuality and more.

I've always been intrigued by ancient, indigenous cultures, which is mostly why I traveled. 
But setting foot on the sacred lands of Egypt has truly and deeply changed my life forever.

There is something magical, inexplicable about Egypt. The energy is so strong and the sacred sites are both breathtaking and deeply touching.
A part of me came home and was revived there.

Straight away I knew, I want to share this and offer the opportunity for others, to come home as well.
The visions for this retreat flowed beautifully in synchronicity with the visions of Louisa.

So here we are.

Two passionate women sharing their love for Ancient Egyptian magic, self mastery and personal transformation. 
We can't wait to welcome you into one of our workshops or our

Amenti Rebirth Retreat 


Nefertum Rising Retreat i


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